We are two English guys with a rather ambitious but hugely enjoyable project of going fishing - and catching at least one fish - in each of the fifty states of the USA. Since embarking on the project two years ago, we have completed eleven states. And, hopefully, we are about to add another six. Broadly speaking, our plan is to add four or five states a year, which would mean that by the time we are both fifty years old - in about a decade - the project should be complete.

We aim to do as much variety of fishing as we can - fly fishing in rivers; lake fishing from boats; sea fishing; surf fishing - and we are keeping a list of the locations, the various fish we have caught and the guides that have given us such invaluable assistance along the way. The project allows us to explore the hugely varied waterways and landscapes of the United States.

We have seen some incredible sights so far: bald eagles in trees overlooking our journey down the Roaring Fork river; snakes in the river; the majesty of the Rocky Mountains; freshly slain mountain lion kill; the Snowy Range in Wyoming; the amazing backdrop of Chicago enjoyed from a boat on Lake Michigan.

Aside from the fishing, we have plenty of other fun too. You might find us at Coors Field watching a baseball game; or drinking growlers of craft beer in America's oldest tavern, or eating oysters. We've stayed overnight on the California Zephyr, the train with a route that links Illinois and California, fracturing America as it passes through seven states; we've driven down highways and up through national parks; and we've boarded planes - all in pursuit of our goal, to fish the fifty states.

Regardless of whether we catch a fish - or get skunked, (which, fortunately, is yet to happen) - we always enjoy ourselves and have a good laugh along the way.

where we've been

  • Colorado

  • Connecticut

  • Delaware

  • Georgia

  • Illinois

  • Massachusetts

  • New Jersey

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • Rhode Island

  • Richie

    My life as a fisherman has had two distinct stages. With approximately 20 years between them. As a youngster, roaming the high plains of the North West of England, I dabbled in the dark arts of coarse fishing under the tutelage of my older brother Mike.

    At that time, it was all about maggots, luncheon meat, and sitting on my ‘box’ awaiting a nibble from a Perch, Roach, or hopefully Carp. The locations don’t conjure up picture postcard images- Crummer’s lake, Dutton flashes – but they passed many a blissful day during school holidays. The arrival of a computer I could play Pacman on at home, and reaching the legal drinking age, signaled an end to phase one. There was often talk of taking a trip during my university years, but alas I never quite managed it. Scandalous given a four year degree course in the heart of Scotland with, let’s be honest, very little work to do.

    But so it was that I reached 37 years of age before the next trip lit the fishy fuse of this current watery jamboree. Since 2011 I have been based in NYC, expertly confusing the financial community with my non-descript Northern English accent. And of late learning, little by little, the art of concentrated relaxation that is fly fishing. After a good few trips I’m not at the point where I can just about relax, almost concentrate, and occasionally actually cast properly.


    While Richie provides the brains (and brawn) of the operation, I'd like to think that I contribute in my own unique way. First, by inventing new and imaginative ways to describe a fly that has wrapped itself around a tree, or the river bottom, or my neck. And second by giggling like a schoolboy whenever the same happens to him.

    As I sit here fishing for all the wrong words, angling for attention and casting nothing more than doubt...it's true that I am the poor man's fisherman, the thinking man's blond moment and the fishing guide's day to forget.

    What I lack in flair and ability, I also lack in willingness and application. For I am, and always have been, the most lamentable, objectionable and completely insufferable student. Somewhere near the very bottom of my incurably steep learning curve lies the flotsam and jetsam of a dozen flies, countless tangled lines and, of course, endless stories of 'the one that got away'.

    With all of this in mind, the very fact that we persevere proves one thing: we are chronically addicted - and resolutely committed - to our ambitious and zany quest to 'Fish the Fifty'.

    And so, ladies and gentlemen, I propose a toast. Here's to the fifty states, to Uncle Sam and his burgeoning craft brewing scene and to the Special Relationship we have forged with an ever growing list of great people along the way.


    Going fishing? Want to go with someone great? We've had excellent experiences with the guides below.

  • Colorado: Steve Brown/Ryan Davis

  • Colorado: Jonathan Wright

  • Connecticut: Antoine Bissieux

  • Delaware: Rich King

  • Georgia: Bob Borgwat

  • Illinois: Ian Stewart Ian Stewart

  • New Jersey: Dave Showell

  • New York: Wayne Aldridge/Matt Nelson

  • Massachusetts: Chris Jackson

  • Pennsylvania: Dave Fetterolf

  • Rhode Island: Joe Aiello

  • Wyoming: Nate Mecikalski

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