We are two English guys with a rather ambitious but hugely enjoyable project of going fishing - and catching at least one fish - in each of the fifty states of the USA. Since embarking on the project two years ago, we have completed eleven states. And, hopefully, we are about to add another six. Broadly speaking, our plan is to add four or five states a year, which would mean that by the time we are both fifty years old - in about a decade - the project should be complete.

We aim to do as much variety of fishing as we can - fly fishing in rivers; lake fishing from boats; sea fishing; surf fishing - and we are keeping a list of the locations, the various fish we have caught and the guides that have given us such invaluable assistance along the way. The project allows us to explore the hugely varied waterways and landscapes of the United States.

We have seen some incredible sights so far: bald eagles in trees overlooking our journey down the Roaring Fork river; snakes in the river; the majesty of the Rocky Mountains; freshly slain mountain lion kill; the Snowy Range in Wyoming; the amazing backdrop of Chicago enjoyed from a boat on Lake Michigan.

Aside from the fishing, we have plenty of other fun too. You might find us at Coors Field watching a baseball game; or drinking growlers of craft beer in America's oldest tavern, or eating oysters. We've stayed overnight on the California Zephyr, the train with a route that links Illinois and California, fracturing America as it passes through seven states; we've driven down highways and up through national parks; and we've boarded planes - all in pursuit of our goal, to fish the fifty states.

Regardless of whether we catch a fish - or get skunked, (which, fortunately, is yet to happen) - we always enjoy ourselves and have a good laugh along the way.